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. brian? >> reporter: cynthia, the no-fly list is designed to keep suspected terrorists off u.s. airplanes. but in a lawsuit filed today on behalf of ten people on the list, the aclu says it has turned into an official government blacklist with the fbi secretly adding the names of entirely innocent americans, refusing to say why and with no clear way to ever get off the list. to keep american airplanes safe from terrorists, the fbi has put 22-year-old adama bah on the no-fly list. the fbi will not say why, and the new york nanny didn't find out until she showed up at laguardia airport this march to fly to chicago with the family for whom she works. >> they said, see a ticket agent. a federal agent showed up, i don't know where else, but nypd office shows up. >> reporter: your question to them is -- >> why am i on this list. can i fly? >> reporter: did they tell you why? >> no, nobody items you why. >> reporter: she's lived in new york since her parents brought her to new york at age 2. she received formal asylum status at age 16, has no criminal record and says she feels very much an ameri
by u.s. authorities. details are still emembers of the jurying about the settlements, part of the network of russians the u.s. says operated under deep cover. one 28-year-old was reportedly a diplomat's daughter who worked in london before moving to new york to set up a property business. court papers say they used invisible i think, coded radio broadcasts all while living apparently normal suburban lives. and while it may be making the front page, moscow's already playing down the arrests. one foreign men industry official said he doesn't expect the incident to harm relations with the u.s. >> you can keep up to date with all the latest developments. go to this clickible map you can see of the spies' hideouts in the united states. turkey has confirmed it held its first high-level meeting with israel after the rowe. nine people, mostly turkish activists died after their ship was stormed. >> how ties between turkey and israel had been affected. >> so far it's been mostly military ties. some of the bureaus will remember. throughout past month two israeli military flig
deepwater oil exploration. >> as the u.s. fights to pacify the b.p. gusher in the gulf, the p51-- owned by brazils national p51-- owned by brazil's national oil company, petrobras-- is pumping 24/7 from similar depths below the sea. its the newest platform in >> brown: paul solman talks to greek prime minister george papandreou about the violence in the streets and the turmoil on the financial markets, as greece falls further into debt. >> woodruff: and, we close with a profile of the next poet laureate of the u.s., w.s. merwin. >> as soon as i could move a stub of pencil and put words on paper, i wanted to be a moat. i mean, i was fascinated by the poems my mother had read to me and by the hymns that we sang in church. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corp
before the race. >> not even close. >>> on the broadcast tonight, the slowdown. news tonight about the u.s. economy, jobs, housing, stocks and what many hoped would be a rebound. >>> the spies who lived quiet lives in america were working for russians. tonight, a stunning admission. >>> the struggle in the gulf. stormy weather slows the cleanup but doesn't stop people making a difference for friends and neighbors. >>> and the secret. how do some people make it to 100? how do some people make it to 100? "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. i'm ann curry in for brian williams. new signs tonight the economy is slowing down. from a jump in unemployment benefits to a record low number of home sales to slowdowns in manufacturing, construction and auto sales, it's all pointing to an economy that looks less healthy than it did a few weeks ago. and that was reflected in the stock market today. the dow closed down another 41 points standin
before. >> reporter: economists say the recent skittishness in global markets is also making many u.s. firms cautious about their hiring and capital spending. and it's not just fortune 500 companies that are reluctant to commit to new workers. manager min tu of this new york city subway shop says he doesn't need any more help. >> now, we are not hiring. now, we have enough people for this business. last year is okay, but before we had four to five people. now is slower; four is okay. >> reporter: that trend is bad news for the u.s. economy, because small businesses typically are major job producers. economist thomas berner says small firms are not very optimistic about the prospects for future sales in the current economic environment. >> they're worried about where the cycle is going, like everybody, and that adds to their uncertainty on top of not being able to borrow money as easily or at the same rate as, for example, larger companies. >> reporter: hiring momentum may be slowing in the u.s., but most experts do believe companies will continue to add jobs to their payrolls this yea
in the charges. >>> tonight, officials in sepress are responding to u.s. criticism of their decision to let a russian spy suspect out on bail and still no sign of christopher metzos who jumped bail after being arrested on the resort island. the investigators are searching ports, yachts, arenas and airports looking for him and insist that the police bear no responsibility for his disappearance. >> and we don't have an indication he abandoned the island. we're still in the process of seeing if he remains in cypress territory. investigators haven't said whether russians might be helping or hiding metzos and the island had a long history of involvement and cold war espionage. >>> mayor fenty is denying rumors he was once involved in a domestic dispute and that the police department tried to cover up the allegations. the police chief kathy lanier and the mayor addressed the issue today. >> they tried this when i ran four years ago. it's nothing more than the worse types of politics. >> the rumors surfaced, i believe, as soon as he began running for mayor and have been around since. >> chief lani
information about u.s. business, scientific and political affairs to pass on to the russian government. many of them make court appearances today. >>> attention, parents of children who received free jewelry trinkets from a number of clinics the last five years. it may be tainted with toxic metal called cadmium. the government announced a recall of 70,000 of the so-called children's happy charm bracelets and rings distributed by doctors and dentists since 2005. it is the fourth recall this year of chinese-made jewelry. >>> here's an airline travel nightmare we haven't heard of before. a us airways flight from atlanta to charlotte was forced to return to the gate after maggots fell from the overhead bin onto seated passengers. they came from a container of spoiled meat that had been stowed by a passenger. the airline cleaned the plane and then the flight continued. the person who carried on the meat took a later flight. i'm sure was heckled by everybody else on board that plane. can you imagine? >> no, can we get away from this video? i don't want to imagine. >> as if snakes on a plane wasn't
dangerous plots since 9/11. u.s. counterterrorism officials linked this man to the plot. the feds consider him a top al qaeda operate sieve and the f.b.i. has been looking for him since 2003 and put up a $5 million reward for capture. he med with him in 2008. counterterrorism agents say he and two friend got weapons training. a year later investigators rested za. >> i and. >> richard mentor is with us, author of the book losing bin laden. good to see you, thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> i'm trying to figure out how big a deal this is and why we haven't caught this guy. >> the guy at the center of this, adnan shukrijumah, has been alluding intelligence not just in the u.s., but in mexico, the u.s. thought he was going to try to sneak across to carry out and attack. mexicans couldn't find him. he was spotted in el salvador. he's always in the caribbean or southern areas an there are reports tracked to find this guy. he seems to be able to put together his own network of homegrown terrorists. >> go ahead. >> oh, so yeah, he's able to put together a network which is -- after 2005 w
. another ten are all in custody here in the u.s. and as fox 5's bob barnard shows us, one of them is causing quite the sensation. >> reporter: this is youtube video of the russian woman who's now the talk of the cyberworld. anna chapman is her name. she's 28, calls herself an entrepreneur. the c.e.o. of a $2 million international real estate company. her photo is now appearing on newspaper websites because according to the u.s. justice department, chapman is a secret agent, a spy for russian intelligence services. >> she's gorgeous. it's like james bond where all the spies look like super models. >> reporter: showing off her picture on the streets of washington, this is the reaction we got. >> a russian spy. no, she's not. >> cover girl. >> if it's true, it's completely ridiculous. i don't know what information they could be trying to get. everything is probably available on the internet. >> i can imagine she could get quite the information from different scenarios. >> reporter: chapman has appeared in federal court, prosecutors calling her a practiced deceiver and extraordinary a
retired admiral is dress in the civilian clothes today. he transitioned from the u.s. coast guard to a senior executive on secretary janet napolitano staff. he will carry out his duties saying it hampers containment efforts. >> the 24-hour period that ended last night at mid fwhirkt recovered 23,000 barrels. i had stop operations a couple times due to lightning in the area. >> reporter: there is new hope for clean-up and the giant ship. the huge investigate sell in louisiana and capable of cleaning as much as 21 middle gallons of contaminated water each day. >> as you realize, this is an all hands-on deck revolution. anything that's affected. >> reporter: meanwhile, bp's president and ceo of gulf coast restoration, bob dudley, took to the web this afternoon. he took questions from the public during a web cast. >> we now know that something happened. something didn't work. we need to make sure it doesn't happen anywhere ever again. >> reporter: bp again trying to prove it's listening and doing the best to clean up this mess. in pensacola beach, florida. nbc news. >> the bp oil spil
a fourth round of sanctions by the united nations. the u.s. unilateral sanctions exploit cut off iran's supply of gasoline. >>> and we're following a developing story about former vice president al gore. >> portland, oregon, are reopening a massage therapist's allegations that he groped her years ago. he said he denies making any unwanted sexual actions and and al gore said she made the accusations back in 2006. >>> and teen and drinking and how you as a parent can help keep your children out of trouble. >>> and the maryland race for governor and who robert ehrlich will pick for his running mate. much more ahead. femannouncer: from jennifer, for a limited time only, an incredible 12-piece living room for $599, with a sofa, chair, three tables, two lamps, and more. a 12-piece living room, just $599, only from jennifer. you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste. >>> i have found that partner, that maryland partner to help us turn things around and that partner is mary kane. mary. >> thank you, bob. >> that's bob ehrlich as he announced his running mate as he vied to regain the go
in potomac maryland. she has been director of special projects of the u.s. chamber of commerce since 2008. >>> outrage at arlington cemetery and the army pulls a pledge to ultimate soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. >>> toyota could announce another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities visit at 800-974-6006 tty/v. captioned by the national captioning institute >> 5:10 on this thursday morning, still dark outside. you can see some
to see leave. in mexico, at least three people have died as a result of this storm, but so far in the u.s., early reports indicate no deaths, serious injuries or major damage. emily? >> okay. whit johnson, thank you, on south padre island. thanks, whit. >>> while alex stayed south of the gulf oil spill, the big storm whipped up high waves that stalled cleanup efforts and pushed more oil-polluted water inland. mark strassmann has that part of the story. >> reporter: leoda bladsacker walked on to grand isle beach worried. what do you see? >> what do i see? i see alex churning up that gulf and churning up that oil, and i know before it's over with, we're going to get a bunch of it, just when. >> reporter: when? right away. bladsacker looked behind her, one tar ball, then hundreds more, some actually washing over the boom in churning waves like this one. see this oil? it's also new, pushed to shore by alex. all summer long, that spill out on the gulf will be the wild card in what forecasters say will be a very active hurricane season. the good news, a hurricane's force should help break up or
. >>> meanwhile, general david petraeus won unanimous senate confirmation as the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. after the vote, he flew to nato headquarters in brussels to brief officials there. >>> elian gonzalez, the cuban boy who sparked the international custody battle says he's not angry at the miami relatives who fought to keep i'm in the u.s. the 16-year-old boy marked the tenth anniversary of his return with castro. his mother and others fleeing cuba drowned, trying to get to america. >>> time, now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. alex could send more twisters across parts of texas. heavy rain in the gulf coast. flash flooding in corpus chri i christi. several storms in bismarck, stretching into billings and helena, montana. >> 112 in phoenix. 63 in seattle. 80s from the twin cities down to dallas. 70s in chicago, detroit and much of the east coast. miami will climb to 92. new orleans, 87. and atlanta is 89 degrees. >>> when we come back on this thursday, joran van der sloot facing new charges here in the u.s. >>> and new problems for toyota. announcing that more th
73. the u.s. house of representatives voting to raise the liability limits for companies that operate at sea. if the senate follows suit and it's expected to do so, it could mean more money for the families of those hurt and killed in the deep water horizon disaster. the coast guard environmental protection agency now new stricter requirements how bp has to deal with the oily waste from the spill. wildlife protection groups claim in a new lawsuit that bp may be killing sea turtles when workers burn oil at sea. a company spokesman says crews have tried to avoid accidentally burning any turtles. alex has lost a lot of its power that now that it's come ashore. it's just a tropical storm. it first made landfall last night as a cat 2 storm crossing into northern mexico south of brownsville, texas. it did not hit the lone star state very hard. dropped rain and triggered a couple of tornadoes but no one has reported any injuries. in mexico the floods killed at least two people, tore down power poles and trees and dumped more than a foot of rain in some spots. our chief meteorologist rick rei
in the u.s. this morning, the president making his case for a way forward. >>> a former vice president, a masseuse, and a sex assault case reopened. what happened in portland? al gore's people speaking out. >>> we begin with those heavy rains and tornadoes that are pounding south texas as hurricane alex comes ashore. the season's first hurricane actually made landfall in northeastern mexico with 100-mile-an-hour winds. alex has weakened and it moved inland. it is now a tropical storm. still has the potential to trigger flash floods and mud slides. alex is having an impact on the oil spill cleanup hundreds of miles away. aftereffects of the storm could keep the skimming operation from resuming until this weekend. south padre island, texas, escaped the brunt of the storm but took a big hit. reynolds wolf is there. reynolds? >> reporter: what we have here is still plenty of wind, rain for the most part is gone. the waves continue to rock against the shores. some of these things have been monsters that have been coming along the coast here. the beach which used to stretch out towards the h
reform. >> bottom line is it is a lot more difficult to get across the u.s. mexican bord near the u.s. illegally than it used to be. >> a president obama makes the case to overhaul the country's immigration laws. his address in minutes, comes just weeks before arizona's tough new immigration law takes effect. . >>> images of sticky, smelly oil. our guests tell us how the bp disaster put a dent in their tourist-based businesses. good morning, everyone. i'm tony harris, those stories and your comments right here, right now in the "cnn newsroom." >>> reformer in chief, president obama is set to lay out his vision for overhauling immigration laws. the president will deliver his first policy address on this very polarizing issue minutes are from now at american university school of international service in washington. let's do this. let's get to our senior congressional correspondent dana bash on capitol hill for us. and, dana, look, the president is about to open a conversation here in minutes, but is that conversation likely to lead to a new proposal of a new bill, of new law? >> reporte
-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 410, the nays are zero. 2/3 of those voting having responded in the affirmative, the rules are suspended, the resolution is agreed to and without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order will members remove their conversations from the floor. will members and staff please take their conversations off the floor? the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan seek recognition? mr. levin: mr. speaker, pursuant to h.res. 1495 i call up the bill h.r. 5618, to continue federal unemployment programs and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 5618, a bill to continue federal unemployment programs. the speaker pro tempore: we will have members and staff please take their conversations off the floor, the gentleman deserves to be heard. memb
south padre island, texas. there was significant flooding in parts of mexico. people in the u.s. are preparing for problems as well. we have been checking alex all evening now. >> it is a very rare category two hurricane for the gulf of mexico in june. this is the enhanced satellite view. you can see where the highest clouds are. this is on the verge of being a major hurricane. wendt is 100 miles an hour. you can see the radar. 100 miles an hour south of brownsville, texas. wind is still 100 miles an hour. the when the search is four or 6 feet. it will be continuing. is going into mexico. this will be causing terrible damage i am afraid for the folks in mexico, because of the torrent of rain and the enhanced rainfall as it moves into the mountain area. look at the rarity of categories storms into the gulf. first of all, brown still has had 5 inches of rain with wind gusting to 60 miles an hour. you can see that northerly wind. this and fat from the folks at nowata. there have only been four category two storms. the last was back in 1957. it came into louisiana. it is very unusua
for the u.s. chamber of commerce. they toured one of baltimore's most successful charter schools today. roosevelt leftwich is joining was the latest. >> reporter: baltimore was the second stop this morning. urlich and cane say this campaign is about getting maryland moving again. they toured the buford stem academy in east baltimore. they stressed the need for charter schools and praises the academy for its work in inner city youth. cane stressed her experience as an attorney and current job with the u.s. chamber of commerce giving her a unique perspective on the business climate in maryland. one she says has been damaged by the o'malley administration. when asked about the negative ads most marylanders are looking for something more. >> all this stuff about acting out in anger and accusation doesn't create one job or fix one train. doesn't create one charter school. unemployment is 10%. not every kid in baltimore city or the state of maryland get the opportunity these kids have. we should focus on what people want to us focus on. which is opportunity to succeed in the united states of
, stopped cold, in the last 30 days. and we're starting there because the u.s. senate went on vacation today without solving the problem. this morning, the labor department reported 472,000 americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week, 13,000 more than the week before. all told, more than 22 million americans are either searching for work or have given up looking since the recession began. ben tracy has been out to see what congress' gridlock means to unemployed folks at home. >> reporter: if you want to know what it feels like to be out of work, just ask leslie pink. >> it is a very painful thing to be unemployed. it's very humiliating and it's very hum lingbling. >> reporter: in january she was laid off from her job at a new york law firm. her $420 weekly unemployment check is the only way she can pay her rent. the checks end this month, and she is angry that congress did not extend her benefits. >> i've been paying taxes. i helped the banks bail out and i figure i need help. why should i be overlooked. >> reporter: late last year the government extended unemployment bene
. at that is not what moves us forward. >> she serves as the director of special projects at the u.s. chamber of commerce. she worked as a prosecutor in montgomery county and has been the maryland secretary of state. he describes his choice of running mate as the first person he trusts that shares his vision. >> she has been a member of my cabinet, a prosecutor, business advocate, she said -- she has great leadership skills. she is somebody i trust. >> some question whether her husband carries too much baggage. he had headed maryland's gop. he is being sued in court, failed to pay for wages. hebe says there are administrative errors. >> she has never held elected office, she lost a primary race in 2000. she lost a bid for a seat in the house of delegates in annapolis. >> it is a nod the montgomery county, were the most voters are, and montgomery county is going to be a sense of this election. >> she knows firsthand what is possible in america. >> sadly, the future is less certain today for many maryland families. our economy is stagnant, families and businesses are disillusioned by high taxes
works for the u.s. chamber of commerce. she said one of her top priorities is creating policies to create jobs in the state. >> when we come back at 4:00, more legal trouble for joran van der sloot involving the case of a missing teenager. >>> coming up, a killer on the loose. police go door to door warning people that the person behind a fairfax woman's brutal murder may be a stranger. dramatic new developments on the russian spy ring bust that is linked to our area. you can find out who is talking to the feds. >>> and former vice president al gore on something that happened four years ago. >> he approached me and he grabbed me and gave me -- >> you're watching news4 at 5:00. live in hd. >>> the first day of july and wendy regier was seen with a sweater. >> it was cool. >> one more warning where you may have to get a light weight summer wrap. >> good, good. >> a little light weight fabric. perfect weather for sitting outside having your favorite glass of ice tea. a beautiful night tonight and a beautiful day tomorrow. suburbs in the 50s tomorrow morning. outside right now, a be
. >> they have more skimmers in place now. they are using the assets available to the u.s. government as well as those offered by the foreign governments. i asked are we doing anything to open our arms to invitations made from the other countries? >> i was unimpressed with the answer. >> right now they don't have enough skimmers on board. there is no urgency. >> darrell issa accused obama administration publicizing facts and figures at odds with the reality on the ground and blurring the spill severity, asset in play and when they were deployed. >> he purports to address that somehow it took the command 70 days to accept international help. that is a myth that's been debunked hundreds of times. i stood up here and talked to you frankly and given you the numbers we have. > >> they acknowledge the own figures of government assistance are at odds with each other. >> the numbers i have that admiral allen deployed are looking for divergence. we'll provide the explanation. >> reporter: on youtube, they said the company is going above and beyond to meet the obligation. >> i know it doesn't feel that
these passengers disgusted on a u.s. airways plane. >>> tim williams will be back with the weather forecast. >>> complete forecast continues with don scott, jessica car tail ya, and ,,,, it's the little things in life that make me smile -- spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum, and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in. it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free. >>> al gore welcomes a renewed investigation into sexual assault investigations against him. a massage therapist claims he groped her, pinned her down inside a bed, and kissed her. her friends dissuaded her from calling police. portland police are not saying why they've reopened the investigation. >>> passengers scrambled to evacuate a u.s. airways
the u.s. open, the regular pga -- you may have noticed things have changed for the world number one. next for the at&t national, not many of those cars -- not many low scores. dialed in. off the stick? par -- woods was not dialed in, especially with his putter. mr. short putt one after another. poland's shoots 3 over 73. he is -- woods shoots 3 over 73. we would check the forecast coming up right after this. >> nine of those accused russian spies made their first appearance inside a u.s. courtroom today. when out of the name of bob urlich's running mate. those stories and much more tonight at 11:00. tonight at 11:00. >> what another beautiful day. >> this is great stuff, and it is perfect timing. it will heat up a little bit. this is payback for the winter, you know? here you go, nice timing. 50's in the morning, same thing saturday, hot stuff sunday, but not very humid. for the next three days, get outside and enjoy it. >> thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news is coming up next.
. another law allows virginia homeowners to fly the u.s. flag [unintelligible] and in maryland, homeowners facing foreclosures must be given information about the modification programs in the system. and they also banned the chemical bpa from baby bottles and other children's products. and turning to maryland today, republican gubernatorial candidate robert ehrlich announced his running mate. >> what kind of person they are, what background they have, where are they coming from? i think mary meets all of those standards. >> she has been the director of special projects at the chamber of commerce since early june -- early january 2008. an overhaul of financial regulations is one step closer to the president's desk. congress passed the bill last night. the new law creates an agency to police consumer lending and set up a warning system for any financial risks. senators are turning to outside witnesses today in the confirmation hearings of supreme court nominee alain mcgagin. both democrats and republicans say -- nominee l.a.x. taegan. both democrats and republicans say republicanselena kagan
back the economy and wetlands is under way. the u.s. secretary spoke this morning in a joint press conference with mississippi governor haley barbour. take a look. >> we're looking at months to put the plan in, not years. very finite period of time to get the plan going. implementation is going to depend on what sort of projects are in the plan. >> mabus is touring the gulf to gather information about the spill's impact. his hope, and the president's approach, is for coastal communities to tell him what he needs and then the white house will jump to action. but is that the most effective plan of attack? connie maranas was at today's meeting with mabus and governor barbour. she's joining us, along with david gergen. connie, just -- i know that secretary mabus probably got an earful from you and other local officials about the frustrations you've experienced so far. what did you tell him today? >> well, all the officials had a two-prong approach. first of all, it was to vent a little of our frustrations in dealing with the unified command out of mobile making decisions for the effort
with ratification of the u.s.-south korea free trade agreement. it will in fact, mr. speaker, be the largest free trade agreement in the history of the world. some critics would say that calling for its re-negotiation, or delaying for a lame duck session of vote, would be the wrong thing to do. i believe anything we can do moving in that direction is a positive. one cautionary note, there are two pending trade agreements with both panama and colombia that were negotiated before the u.s.-south korea agreement was completed. millions and millions of consumers would like to have the opportunity, mr. speaker, to purchase u.s. foods and services right here in our hemisphere are denied that opportunity. if we proceed with the u.s.-south korea free trade agreement as the president has called for us to do, we must also proceed immediately with the panama and colombia free trade agreement as well. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, proceed also resume on the motions to suspend the rules previously postponed. votes will be
or resources and 68 offers came from foreign governments and of the government offers the u.s. deemed 35 acceptable and has formally accepted nine with a state department processing the acceptance of another 24 and accounting that leaves two acceptable offers on the table and the head of the response team dismissed claims that the law that keeps foreign flagged vessels three miles off the u.s. shores has damaged the clean up effort. >> we had no time in the course of the response have been in hinted by anything having to do with what we call the jones act. >> a key senate committee voted to remove the liability cap that protects oil companies in the wake of offshore oil spill which will likely be debated by the full senate later this summer. >> thank you. we will tell you how the ohio governor's race may factor in to the next presidential election. and up next, troubling news of one of >> and officials say they linked one of the most wanted terrorists with last year's plot to bomb the new york subway system. authorities think he met with one of the would be suicide bombers. the plot has
the mortgage mess that u.s. banks face, right? it is, on two counts, beejal. first is that sovereign debt isn't suppose i have a credit component. there isn't supposed be fear that a country can't pay you back. especially a country that belongs to the e u. that supposed to be one sovereign giant unit. so that is in the question. and the second part is the numbers are so big. the e c b loaned out 400 billion in one-year term lending. so the numbers are huge, and both counts are different than the mortgage market. yeah, and the european central bank continues offering more liquidity to those banks. but doesn't that just delay the inevitable? because these banks are going to have to take a hit on their sovereign debt sooner or later. they are just on life support right now, it seems. right, and they have done the right things. you have to give the central banks here in the states and in europe the credit for solving a liquidity crisis. but the credit markets seized up and provided liquidity. they pumped the system full of money. and the liquidity problem is solved. what we have now is a solvency
on classmates and gather intelligence on u.s.-foreign policy. here in arlington, a couple lived in this quiet apartment complex as working dad and stay-at-home mom and they are now charged with being foreign agents. >> this takes an investment of a lot of time and money to put them in place, support them in place >> reporter: they've been undercover -- since the 1990s, but they don't think any information was stolen. on the mediterranean nation, another one of the accused secret agents is on the run. >>> the justice department says it presented only a fraction of the evidence it has against the spies >> i think it is safe to say that weather in baltimore doesn't get much better than this, skies are blue, sun is shining, temperatures are just perfect. we have weather and traffic together. we'll go to bob in the first-warning weather center. >>> looking at radar, nothing. spectacular weather. very dry and low-humidity weather. a nice breeze out there. let's look at june, it was believe it or not, the second warmest june on record. that's why your electric bill is so high. 78.8 degrees was the
for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] . host: on your screen is congressman john tierney of massachusetts. a report on contract thing in afghanistan. the famous phrase that an army moves on its stomach. we have a $2.1 billion contract there. what are we getting from it? guest: yes, $2.16 billion for contacting that goes through everything from food to supplies. they are getting the goods delivered. there is no argument on that. but there is a failure on the side of authorities to know who they are paying in these contracts, wh impact that might have in terms of waste, fraud, and abuse, and in terms the counterinsurgency mission in afghanistan. host: that last part is what you seem to emphasize in your report. guest: we are not really traina lot of these companies. and they go and hire trucks and drivers and security companies, which in manyinstances, turned out to be warlords. they do whateverhey need to to get the goods to where they need to be, but they are all set extorting -- also extorting to get the goods to where they nee
coming into the u.s. and we have to help the mexican government when it asks us to help stop our guns for going to mexico illegally. >> anything we can do to help with the issue. very high praise to the president today for trying to stop the denial of this problem. it's a complete mess. >> thanks, dylan. >> coming up on "the dylan ratigan show." after the storm. when will oil cleanup efforts in the gulf get back online? whatever they're cleaning up, they haven't capped the well. today the spill becoming the largest in the history in the gulf of mexico. using towards -- well, it already is the biggest of one time. we'll see if it can clear the persian gulf as we work our way to dumping 150 million barrels so that a british company could suck oil out of the gulf of mexico and sell it to the chinese while being supervised by corrupt american politicians. >>> and bombshell revelations about bear stearns. what did tim geithner and ben bernanke know about tens of millions of dollars that turned out to be junk? did they lie to the american people to save the banks? you know they did. plus, d
to renew it quickly. the state department is liking fees for u.s. passports and visas as of july 14th. it will cost $135 for adults, 105 for people urn the age of 16 and $55 for adult passport cards which could be used by americans traveling by land or sea for thrips to are can ya, mexico and the caribbean. act quickly so you don't have to pay the extra $35. >> fish it out. >>> tight fans are out in force and setting records. the movie eclipse took in $30 million on wednesday and that is just at midnight screenings. that doesn't include people who went during the day yesterday. brecks the old record of $26 million set by the new moon film last november. and you know more people will go see the film over this holiday week. >>> it is 7 after the hour. in ten minutes, an airline story guaranteed to make you say, meow. and four minutes aft controversy arlington cemetery. the blame game over misidentified graves and an agency in chaos. right now our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> good morning. it is chilly out there, especially in western maryland. you need a j
, what does this mean for u.s./russian relations and do we think that there are other spies who are sort of living among us here? >> well, a prosecutor said in court yesterday that there might be other spies here. he talked about the tip of the iceberg. that's possible. on the other hand, oddly enough, both sides seem to be playing this down. we haven't expelled any of the russian diplomats that were meeting with these agents. >> right, why is that? >> i don't know. i think because we have more important business to do with the russians. counterterrorism and trade and other issues and both sides want to keep it kind of calm. >> do we have spies in russia? >> we hope so, don't we? >> right. >> our spies are heroes and their spies are rats. >> right. >> all right, jeff stein, our security editor. jeff, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >>> more testimony today in the confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee elena kagan. while the 50-year-old has wrapped up her time in the hot seat, today senators will hear from outside witnesses. if follows days of sharp exchanges and the
russian agents who led very successful lives here in the u.s. each of their profiles, very different. ranging from anna chapman who promoted herself in this video. take a look. >> i think the most challenging part of my life really started when i quit all of my jobs, really cut all of my salaries and really did something that i wanted to do. >> then, are there the murphys who planted themselves in suburban, new jersey. earned ivy-league nbas and raise u.s.-born children and now alleged spies are facing jail time. investigative correspondent mark. we have "the post" giving us these great headlines of spyvy league. this is anna chapman on the cover here but talking about cynthia murphy she was the ivy-league person. give us an explanation of why why they're going with this angle of the spyvy league in cynthia muchy. >> was a columbia nba. she seems to be the more successful of these spies in that she got a job at a very fancy tax consultancy in manhattan and used her position there, at least according to the government, to schmooz somebody named allen patrick off a big fund-raiser for
's the -- one of the things that is one of the strengths of the u.s. economy is the flexibility, the mobility. these are thing these don't have in europe what steve is talking about, it is a wrenching process, nobody wants to minimize the affects on people but it is part of the healing process. >> that process you described, this correction, necessarily mean we are in a recession or can it happen while a recovery is going on? >> those words don't -- it's very hard -- it would be easy to do this if the thing were growing shall the reason it isn't growing is because we have to do all these things all at once and people are in the wrong industries, in the wrong place, they are price ted wrong level and all that has to be fixed. and it just takes time. you can't be in expansion when do you that. >> think about it an engine with six sill linders in it, that is the productive capacities of the economy. we can only grow at a certain speed because those cylinders are down. you build houses that don't sell they sit there as idle capacity. we have to replace that with something else when it isn't worki
conference this morning in silver spring. >>> all business on the floor of the u.s. senate will stop in honor of the late senator robert byrd of west virginia. the body of the late senator will lie in repose in the senate chamber during a special ceremony. a memorial will be held on friday in charleston, west virginia. joe mansion says he won't search for his successor until after next week's burial at arlington national cemetery. >>> the confirmation of supreme court nominee elena kagan is all but assured. elena kagan emerged from three days ouverting by the senate judiciary committee much as she had begun, declaring she would be an independent and impartial judge. some say president obama's nominee to succeed retiring justice john paul stevens is now on track to be the fourth woman in supreme court history. >>> general petraeus has been unanimously confirmed as the next commander of the afghanistan war. he replaces stanley mcchrystal who resigned after criticizing the obama administration in an interview with "rolling stone "magazine. general petraeus' replacement as chief of u.s. central c
in mexico and here in the u.s., but the good news is alex is already weakening and for more on this, we go to nbc's grant stin. field on south padre island in texas. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. i can tell you folks here on the island really feel like they dodged a bullet with the eye of that storm moving well south into mexico. one of the serious problems that is still a threat here are tornadoes being spun out as this storm circulates onshore. we've already seen five of them in the texas/south texas/brownsville area. a touchdown in this area. there is another concern here in texas which is flooding. this is a low-lying area. so is the entire reoh grand valley. they're not set up to handle large amounts of rain, so the flooding here is very, very severe at times. sporadic power outages were a problem. it appears that most of the power is back on. this wasn't too much of a blow. compared to mexico, though, the situation is much different there. when this storm came across there, it was a category 2 hurricane. they had serious power outages. they're looking at serious, serious flooding.
infiltrateing the quiet lives of social makers. it's being pilled as a cold war revival. with the u.s. voicing it's disappointment. christopher materials has led to the refusal of bail for the russians in custody. married couple will stay in jail for two weeks and the rest of the illegals have had the hearings delayed. with a diplomatic public so set there are now efforts from both sides to display openness and cooperation. there's reports that one of the men arrests has now amended he worked russias foreign intelligence story. it's harder for diplomats to play town the story reading like a spy novel. >> two days ago. a world bank said kenyas is one of the most corrupt in the world. they voted to increase their salaries and an allowances to 126 thousand dollars a year. the prime minister could take more than president obama not bad consider most people in kenya make less than a dollar a day. naomi campbell and forced to give testimony. prosecutors say she was given a blood diamond by mr. taylor using diamonds to fund the civil war in sierra leon. a large part of the collection and gallery wil
card are u.s. highway 2 in montana, which contributes to that state having the highest fatality rate in the nation, and u.s. 129 in north carolina which triple a. carolina calls the best chance of being killed in 2008. but our interstates are deadly as well. i-95 in florida has one of the worst rate of deaths per mile in the country. on i15 between los angeles and las vegas, more than 1,000 lives have been lost in 15 years. and as for i-26 in south carolina, a total of 325 people died in 286 wrecks during the last decade. >> if there has been a series of accidents in a stretch of road that demonstrate that improvement is needed, unless and until you can make those imimprovements, people are at risk. >> reporter: making the problem even worse, horsley says, is a lack of adequate safety regulations. >> there are 20 states that don't have primary seat belt laws and there are 24 states that don't have anything on the books to discourage either texting while driving or talking on your cell phone. >> a lot of states are implementing cable parriers in the medians, rumble strips, and many ot
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